Jiglox© is a revolutionary new ideas in puzzles.

This product is an ideal tool for publicising your product, your facility, or just as a giveaway at an event or convention. Costing can be as little as one cocktail.

The simplicity of packaging mixed in with your information makes it a unique and interesting product, and one that people will keep around long after the event.

With many years in the jigsaw industry John Elsegood realised the box is one of the main expenses of any puzzle and serves no other purpose but storage and picture content. Using a double bagging system with a full sized folded insert with information on one side and a full sized picture of the puzzle on the reverse, cuts down on the cost tremendously.

We can now offer a service where we take your information and photographs to produce this unique marketing tool. There is a minimum quatity as there are set up charges for the first printing and diecutting.

Email johnelsegoodusa@gmail.com for costing, set up and delivery estimate.